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For the last 14 years we have refined and improved the Filemaker-based ordering system we call “Chuumon” and implemented Edelweiss compatibility and iPad presentations.  We have continued to push innovation and efficiency through technology and organization into our own processes.

We have launched Book Rep Centraal because we are being told that there is a need. Fujii Associates, the parent of Centraal, earns much praise for its territory coverage, efficiency and overall responsiveness. This feedback comes from a full range of publishers and customers.

The success and longevity of Fujii Associates is a result of dedicated, passionate book personnel and our evolved set of processes and systems. The result is that our reps have all the tools they need for maximum selling time and minimal wasted effort.  One click sync of visual materials, one click import of Edelweiss orders for review, one click submission of easy-to-process orders are just some of the innovations we have pioneered.

We are offering to make our systems and processes available to any company (publisher or rep group) that feels it can benefit from a nationwide standardization of their field sales force.

What is Book Rep Centraal?

A single point of contact for your entire U.S. book trade commission sales force.

A custom ordering system field tested for over 12 years that is user friendly, flexible, customizable and efficient. It effectively eliminates printed order forms for the book trade.

Prompt, uniform distribution of seasonal specials, title specific marketing and major award updates.

Efficient management of Edelweiss markups and one click order processing.

One button syncing for iPad pdf presentation files and manuscripts.

A simple management process for drop-in titles, in-season specials and electronic distribution of sell sheets.

We continue to innovate and add functionality to the system. All updates will be sent to your reps all with the goal of growing book sales.

How does Book Rep Centraal work?

We will train and equip your sales force.  Most reps will already have the necessary hardware and familiarity with iPad and laptop functionality.

Presales - title data (in the database for note taking), manuscripts, pdfs, tip sheets (loaded onto the iPads) distributed via Rep Centraal before sales conference, to each sales rep.

Launch/Presentation - Reps arrive equipped and ready to engage.

Finalized title data, specials, display quantities, discounts, Edelweiss markups, inclusion of sales comments or why-to-buys into ordering database and Edelweiss markups completed.  IPad files prepared and organized for one button syncing, by title and by catalog.  Coordinated and focused presentation of all materials.

Selling - Reps are well informed and prepared to take, process and submit orders from catalog, Edelweiss, excel upload, fax and pdf.

During the presentation reps have why-to-buy notes, sales history, and presentation materials for each title which coordinates the sales effort for a more informed sales call and an engaged book buyer.

Organized, standardized and clear order submissions to your order entry departments via Excel upload or via pdf with promotional codes and title specials clearly marked with pertinent account information included.

Centraal will manage distribution of marketing templates for use with email or web services (Constant Contact).

After each selling season we will convert frontlist titles to backlist and update out of print titles in each reps database.

Why Does a Publisher or Indepent Rep Group Need Book Rep Centraal?

It will streamline the performance and efficiency of marketing, publicity and sales for each relevant title. 

It will remove duplication of effort internally and externally and provide unifying messaging to reps and accounts.

It will provide time and labor savings while increasing flexibility and responsiveness to the market.

It will equip your field sales force with the tools they need to increase their title sales, account visit frequency and order processing efficiency.

We have the expertise and ability to train and prepare your sales force while all they need is a laptop, iPad, software and a desire to sell more books to participate.

We have over 12 years of experience training reps on our systems.

It may free up in-house personnel for rep management and their own selling.

For further information, please contact Eric Heidemann via EMAIL